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This is a space intended to provide you with resources to allow you to bring well-being into your life in a new, effective way.

On a daily basis, you will be able to reconnect and activate the inner intelligence of your body, mind and spirit.

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Welcome to The Self-Healing Works!

A chance to tune into your inner self on a daily basis.

If you find yourself struggling with illness, emotional pain and/or spiritual longing, or...

If you are yearning for more balance between your personal, working and family life,...

Then, you have come to the right place. Read on and explore a new way of engaging with your own healing.

This website is intended to help you find tools and resources which will teach you how to apply self-healing into your life.

It is your birthright to express well-being in your life. And the invitation I make to you is to take the time to read through these pages to learn a new way of engaging with life.

When you change your starting point or foundation belief about how life works, you begin experiencing new ways of Being which will manifest in your life as health, peace of mind, emotional balance and joy.

The main belief to be transformed is one which states you cannot change your circumstances. This thought implies that everything is rigid and stagnant, which is not true. Change is a constant in your life. Think about it carefully and you will see that your body has changed; you will also notice your mind has changed - your way of thinking now as an adult is different to that when you were 10 yrs. old.

Given that change is a constant in your life, ask yourself why then you believe you cannot change your own circumstances now. I believe that fear is the reason why you hold on to the belief that nothing can be changed. Once you acknowledge this fear, you will open a door to learn new ways to lead your life in a different way. You will give yourself permission to live and accept change as a constant in your life. And therefore, you will allow change to happen and consequently, start to manifest WELL-BEING.

This website provides information on a new way of thinking about life (read the sections here below). What you will find here is explained in a straightforward and easy-to-apply manner. Browse through the other sections to find tools and resources to learn how to apply self-healing in your daily life.

To support you on your self-healing journey, I hold a Self-healing Circle regularly. The purpose of these circles is to teach you how to work with your own energy body. These sessions are intended as a space for quiet inner reflection, and connection to the inner intelligence that we are all part of. It is a space for reconnecting to your etheric body, which holds the energy source of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual experience which we call life. Each Self-Healing Circle is a stand-alone session. You can attend one, or several. For more information, you can read here below under the tab Circles or, for a more extended version, go to the page Circles.

All of these tools will empower you to manifest WELL-BEING into your life.

WELL-BEING Explained!

The Self-Healing Works is a platform to help people integrate a more balanced approach into daily life instantly. Under this approach, every single daily activity IS a spiritual practice.

Instead of splitting ourselves into two personalities, one for the mundane and another for the spiritual, it would be healthier to find a way to integrate the different aspects of our lives into one single way of being. In this way of living,

  • We learn that imbalances are the motivators and catalysts to integrate better those aspects of ourselves that have been neglected.
  • We learn that our daily life activities are our best ever spiritual practice.

For this we need to change our beliefs and understanding of whom we are as spiritual beings. We need to think of life differently. Let's start with a new perspective on life, spirit, body and mind.

Body-Mind Connection

We tend to think of our body and mind as being separate, sharing only physical processes and properties. From this mistaken point of view, mind is seen as a result of brain processes; and therefore, it is just one more aspect of the physical body, very similar to urine or sweat in fact.

Alternatively, and equally wrong, mind is thought of as completely separate from the body. Body and mind are interrelated in very complex ways. Body and mind affect each other and there is a continuous interchange of information between them.

Think for example of people who have anaemia. It is known that anaemia causes symptoms such as lethargy, tiredness, and depression. When these people return to a healthy diet and/or take nutritional supplementation, their outlook of life becomes rosier. They become more active, they feel more energetic and they start doing things which previously required too much effort. Here the body is clearly affecting the mind.

Now, let's look at the opposite example, where mind affects body. It is well documented that after a period of meditation or prayer, levels of certain stress hormones normalise and lead to a better regulated blood pressure. Similarly, the so-called placebo effect has shown that people's belief in a cure will lead to healing without any pharmaceutical assistance. In these cases, people, who take a placebo pill, enjoy physical benefits which were only thought possible with working pills. Yet because the people thought they were receiving real, medically proven medicines, they experience the healing effects just the same.

Body and mind are one, integrated unit; they work in harmony and affect each other constantly and instantaneously.

Did you know that the Self-Healing Circle teaches you
to reach a meditative state
to restore WELL-BEING in your life?

Why not give it a try and join us.

Body-Mind-Spirit Connection

We decide to incarnate on earth because it offers us an opportunity to expand our consciousness. The experience gained in the course of a lifetime allows us to refine our perceptions and to increase our awareness of our creative potential.

In order to have that experience of a lifetime, we need a material vessel to carry our spirit on earth so that it can integrate fully knowing with being. Body and mind are the form we give to our spirit in this lifetime, in this world, on planet earth.

Body-Spirit-Mind - worldion/ Yes, our spirit has the creative power to aggregate the necessary matter required to create a body and mind, just as vapour can be condensed physically into water. Mind you, the process of creating a human form, is much more complex. All of this we do in cooperation with everything that exists on earth: humans, animals, plants, minerals, climate, and universe - in short, all other form of energy-consciousness.

As spiritual beings, we create a body and a mind with (and through) an "energy" blueprint. This energy blueprint is called the etheric template and it serves as the scaffolding which supports the physical and mental manifestations of the "I" we recognize. This template contains all the information needed for the body and the mind to sustain their functions as "human form." The etheric template is the reason why, when we break an arm, the cells recreate the bone to its original form.

The etheric template is energy-consciousness, and that is why we can activate its inner intelligence to restore balance in our lives through energy work (like we do in the Self-Healing Circles).

So, you see, because our body and our mind are the physical form or manifestation of our spirit, anything we do to keep them in balance is also part of our spiritual practice. Any activity that sustains and supports body and mind is without question also supporting the spirit. I call the process of aligning ourselves to the needs of the incarnated spirit WELL-BEING. All the steps we take to support our spiritual being and its manifestation on earth in body and mind are then THE SPIRITUAL PRACTICE to follow. So think of the following as your spiritual practice, or WELL-BEING,

  • Care of physical body: nutrition, exercise, sleep, lifestyle choices.
  • Care of emotional/psychological: accepting feelings, developing emotional intelligence, finding ways of relating better to others, continuously educating ourselves in many ways so that we may permanently wonder at the marvel of physical life.
  • Care of spirit: prayer, meditation, gratitude, learning life's lessons, comprehending the workings of life and mind.

Body-Spirit-Mind Balance - Arka38/Shutterstock.comNow you can see why any activity in daily life can be a spiritual practice. Every time a choice is made consciously of caring for body, mind or spirit, a contribution is made to the spirit or soul's ability to enhance its journey.

What can be more spiritual than that?

Foundations of Well-Being

This section provides you with short thoughts to help you build a strong foundation of WELL-BEING in your life. Read them through carefully and make some notes as to how you can apply these in your life.

My invitation to you is to read them regularly. It is only through repetition that we assimilate new material into our life.

If a principle here seems far-fetched, leave it aside. Don't fight with it. The mind will probably distract you by telling you that this whole framework is useless because one principle seems weird. This could easily be a distraction by your mind, coming out of fear of change. For the mind, staying with a bad habit is more comfortable; after all, the bad habit is known, and therefore it may seem a case of 'better the devil you know than the devil you don't know'. However at those moments your mind forgets to tell you that you are not getting the results you want; otherwise how come you are already ill, depressed, dissatisfied or in discomfort?

Do not throw the baby out with the bathwater. Do not let your habitual mind speak to you. Take the principles that you can identify with and work with them. Even if it is only one of them, it will be sufficient to move you forward.

Here are the principles.

Life cycle of common birdwing butterfly from caterpillar - Mathisa/

Change is a constant in life.
The main belief to be transformed states you cannot change your circumstances. This thought implies that everything is rigid and stagnant, which is simply not true. If you think about it carefully you will realise that your body is changing constantly. You will also notice your mind has been changing - your ways of thinking and reacting emotionally now as an adult are different to that when you were 10 yrs. old.

Take a step forward an embrace change. The next step is to learn how to refocus your attention to bring about the change you want in your life.

Divine Order - All-There-Is
Yes, there is an order in all of the movements, cycles, and changes. The motor or mechanism behind this order is not fully understood by science. I like to call this system of creative, manifested and un-manifested energy-consciousness, All-There-Is.

We are all part of this order. We are all co-participants in this energy-consciousness.

Learn to embrace this thought of that there is some order in your life experience, but that you have not yet fully understood it. This thought will make your mind curious, and so discover how it works. That focus of discovery is much better than one of powerlessness, of being the victim of some outside force.

Etheric Template
As spirit beings, we create a body and a mind with (and through) an energy blueprint. This energy blueprint is called the etheric template and it serves as the scaffolding which supports the physical and mental manifestations of the "I" we recognize.

This template contains the information and processes needed to sustain form and matter in the physical world. This template is energy-consciousness.

The etheric template guides the inner intelligence of the body when regenerating and creating cells, tissues, and organs, to maintain its well-being and balance. This same template guides the body to disconnect from the current physical experience; it guides the dying process to maintain the well-being and balance of this transition as well.

The etheric body is not limited to the physical. Our emotional and psychological make-up together with our spiritual constitution also possesses such a template. These templates guide what we perceive in life; they contain the belief systems that come to expression in our daily experience. Perception here is not limited to the physical senses; perception includes the interpretation we give to the outer and inner events of life.

Etheric Body and WELL-BEING
When we develop symptoms of illness, they arise because the etheric template is being damaged through our conscious or unconscious way of living.

Think of a sink that gets clogged up. There are many ways of clearing the sink, depending on how bad the situation is. Sometimes a plunger is sufficient. At other times, some type of chemical is needed to dissolve the blockage. Occasionally, a wire has to be passed through the pipes to dislodge the restriction. And it can even be that the plumbing needs to be dismantled and, in extreme cases, replaced.

After having removed the clog, most people will continue to use the sink as they did before. However, this is misguided. In no time, the sink will clog up again. The sustainable solution is to look at what caused the blockage in the first place, and change it accordingly. Food left-overs, fats, construction/repair materials and paper should not be washed down the sink. Disposing of these correctly will prevent the sink getting clogged up again; a solution more in keeping with the "template" of the plumbing for the sink. So the balance is restored not only with the physical removal of the blockage but also with an appropriate change of behaviour.

When we restore the etheric template to the original inner intelligence, we allow it to operate freely and unfettered, doing what is naturally right without hesitation.

This principle is very simple. We all know that experience of walking into a room and immediately feeling the atmosphere. If there has been discord, we can feel the room charged with anger. If those present have been sharing good news, we can feel the joy and happiness. We all have experienced being affected by this energy; sometimes it weighs us down, sometimes it is uplifting. This process works through resonance of the energy fields.

The classic example of resonance is the breaking of a wine glass with sound generated at the precise resonant frequency of the glass.

The same principle is at work within the etheric templates. The templates are affected by the energy being received as input from the individual concerned. That is, the food we take in, the thoughts we create, the sounds we listen to, the conversations we entertain, the movies we see, the stories we hear, etc. etc.

Thoughts, Focus and Attention
Because the etheric templates are both energy and consciousness, we can effect change to our templates through thoughts.

Follow this example. Think now of a lemon. Visualise it in your mind's eye. Look at it intently, imagine the texture of the skin, feel it. Then think of the smell of a lemon when you cut it. Now, in your mind's eye bite on this piece.

Most likely, you started salivating. Just through thought, focus and attention, you could have your body salivate, even though you did not have a lemon in your hands.

The same happens if you were to place your attention on an emotional event. If you felt exhilarated and happy at some time in the past, the moment you think about that event, you will start smiling. If you were sad, most likely you will cry.

Our thoughts generate reactions in our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. I invite you to sit with focus and attention and think only of WELL-BEING, and on the steps you will undertake to align your activities to the needs of your spirit and body.

You can connect consciously to your etheric templates, and direct the energy in the template to healing. In turn, you will receive clear messages as to what needs to be done to restore the balance in your life. You may well buy yourself a book on the topic, you may start craving particular foods, and you will make the appointment with the nutritionist you have been postponing. Change will happen in some form or another.

Our activities also affect our etheric templates. So anything you undertake (with full focus and attention) to keep yourself active and healthy will de-clog your template from stagnant energy and allow you to feel full of vitality.

Circle of Possibilities
Although we can find similarities across different bodies, as for example each having a stomach, each one of them will still be unique. This is the reason why different people assimilate food in a different manner.

Balance and health manifests when we align our daily activities to those supported by the etheric template of the incarnated spirit. To put it simply, if you don't have a musical ear, you will not be a talented musician. Maybe instead you are a talented designer, and you should be letting your creativity flow through your design work, and not through trying to become a talented musician, when it is clear you were not born with such template.

Trust and Surrender
When we break an arm, cut a finger, scrape our skin in a fall, or undergo surgery we expect and assume the body will heal. We don't undergo the necessary medical treatment thinking that we have to direct the process consciously. On the contrary, we trust and surrender to the spontaneous in-built ability of the body to complete the healing and restore balance.

Similarly, as our mind "grows up"we seldom realise the changes that happen every second of our existence. Think of our belief about the weather when we were children. Most of us are not aware of the concept of weather at babyhood. And, most young children simply marvel at, and sometimes are in awe or even in fear of, weather patterns and changes.

As the mind develops into adolescence and young adulthood we change our understanding of the weather, and we barely realise that our conception of it has undergone massive changes. This process is present in all of our concepts. And again, the process is spontaneous, full of intelligence and power. We trust and surrender that it works.

In all of the examples above, we don't need to consciously direct our body or mind to change. It does so of its own accord as it experiences life and according to its etheric template. We don't fret or worry as to whether bothbody and mind will be able to complete the next stage of growth and change. Nor do we let fear stand in the way of trusting that the body will heal and repair itself. We trust and surrender that it works.

Make this trust and surrender more conscious in your daily life. Thank your body, mind and spirit for all the tasks that they undertake on your behalf so that you can have this life experience.

Working consciously with WELL-BEING may result in our encountering quite unexpected solutions for our conundrums. They come across as unexpected because through normal logical deduction we would not have thought of them as part of the solution. They may appear as gut-feelings, as intuition, in dreams, or maybe even in the course of a conversation with somebody.

Life will provide the resources available to maintain WELL-BEING. We should be open to them, and develop a attitude compatible to making good use of the resources available.

We sustain our lives thanks to an infinite number of other living phenomena, which make it possible: water, fire, wind, minerals, plants, sun, moon, planets, seasons, earth's core magma, animals, humans…. They all contribute by ensuring us nourishment, shelter, physical contact, emotional andpsychological support, and by expanding our spiritual consciousness. Indeed, they form a magical network which sustains the totality.

Medication and medical treatment are part of the resources available. Many people regard spirituality as a tool to fight the medical establishment. Please don't! There is no war, no fighting to be done. Life looks at the resources available, and uses the creative power of everything to maintain WELL-BEING.

So be open when your inner intelligence invites you to try something different.

The Self-Healing Circle

These consist of stand-alone group sessions, lasting about 1 hour.

In the Self-Healing Circle sessions you will learn to reconnect to your etheric body, which holds the energy source of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual experience which we call life.

Don't worry about the word "etheric." It is not as strange as it sounds at first. Everything in life, including our physical existence, is composed of atoms, which in turn are energy. Etheric is that energy component of our physical existence which underlies our bodies, mind and spirit. This energy component is imbued with consciousness. Thus, the etheric body is the vessel of energy-consciousness of your being in body, mind and spirit.

You can use the session to support you in any area of your life:

- To support you in the healing of a physical ailment,

- To prepare you for surgery or any other medical treatment,

- To give you insights to navigate a difficult emotional period,

- To reinforce an intention to change your lifestyle,

- To strengthen your relationships,

- To help you in making a connection to the divine, or

- To recharge you with positive energy.

You can use the intention of the Self-Healing circle for anything you need at this moment.

You can compare these sessions to a meditation session. The session starts with a short teaching. Each session will address a topic on how energy-consciousness is manifested in our lives. Thereafter, we start a guided meditation. You will learn a visualisation technique, which will show you how to activate your own inner resources for well-being. You will learn to tap consciously into your etheric template.

Meditating silhouette sitting in lotus position - PremiumVector/

The way the circle works is through intention and energy imprint. Before the session commences, I will set up a constellation of energy, which will support what the participants set as intention for themselves. A constellation of energy is nothing more than a field of energy - very subtle energy - , the resonance of which activates the etheric body of all those present. It is this resonating property of energy which activates the intention of well-being to the participants. This imprint will reinforce your own individual intention which motivated you to come to the session in the first place - whether you come for healing of physical ailments, emotional issues, or spiritual questions.

What is the principle of resonance? We can think of it as a tuning fork. If you tap a tuning fork on something hard, the string of an instrument that shares the same musical note will start vibrating as well. This video on YouTube shows 10 examples of tuning fork resonance. These examples show how energy/vibration is transferred from one object to another. In a similar manner our energy body is affected by vibrations from others objects, including those of an energy constellation.

Benefits Self-Healing Circle

1. You learn a visualisation/meditation technique to allow inner intelligence to flow through your body, mind and spirit. This technique you can replicate at home whenever it suits.
2.You learn to use your attention and focus to set intentions in order to re-activate your inner, innate intelligence.
3.You open your body’s cellular memory and your mind’s established patterns to new insights and ways of being, both of which aid and support balance and well-being in your life.
4.Through the deep relaxation you experience, your body and mind become light and energised.

This technique can be repeated at home as many times as you would like. Our intention is to allow you to become self-sufficient in working with your own energy body.

The Self-Healing Circle sessions all take place in Amsterdam. You can attend in person in Amsterdam, or you can join us from a distance: handy for those of you who live too far away, are unable to attend, and yet want to reap the benefits.

Click here to read more about the Self-Healing Circles, the agenda, how to register and the most commonly asked questions.


Currently I offer two workshops with topics that are close at heart in our daily lifes. Both workshops are aligned with the intention of the The Self-Healing Works to help people integrate a more balanced approach into daily life instantly.

Both workshops aim at showing that every single daily activity IS a spiritual practice.

Click on the title to read the details about that workshop.

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Are you are getting the results you want in your relationship? Are you really at peace with the way the last disagreement between the two of you was resolved? Do you feel that you really do not know your partner anymore?

This workshop offers the opportunity to apply some gentle introspection, through which you gain a new understanding of the purpose of a long-term relationship. The workshop will also provide tools to implement this vision in your current relationship in order to transform it into a (more) beautiful and fulfilling experience.

This workshop has the objective of clearing out many of the misunderstandings about relationships, and on how we can maintain a healthy balance with our partners.

Guiding Principle

The most common misunderstanding in my healing practice is The Fairy Tale Ending: "...and they lived happily ever after."

The myth that the romantic conclusion of fairy tales is a sufficient foundation for the rest of life is misguided. A Fairy Tale Story never goes on to deal with the struggles of raising children, the Prince and Princess' differences of opinion, the pain of betrayal, and the pain of divorce. None of the Fairy Tales gives us insight on how people grow old, and how perspectives and insights change (or do not change). Nor do they cover how these changes might affect the partner and the extended family. The workshop intends addressing this, which explains why the title of the workshop is "The Lost Chapters from Fairy Tale Land."

No one comes "clean" or "pure" into a relationship. A relationship is always between two people who still carry wounds and who, consciously or unconsciously, have mistaken views on some aspects of life. The thought that we marry a real human being, and not a Fairy Tale Prince or Princess, needs to be the cornerstone of any relationship. You will learn that your partner can be a teacher (as opposed to the bad guy). With this approach, you will start taking a more active role in the decision-making within your relationship. In addition, you will start to see a new way of maintaining a healthy, balanced relationship.

The workshop will be given over the course of two sessions.

Dates: TBD - Or on request, in session for a couple.

Time and Place: TBD. My practice is in the centre of Amsterdam. Other locations can be agreed upon.

Price: Depending on how it is setup - as an open workshop or a private session. Minimum Euro 120- per person, includes VAT (BTW). Coffee, thee, water, biscuits provided.

Every participant to the workshop will be presented with a fully bound copy of the presentation.

Limited spaces available (max. 10). Your payment is your registration. Only 50% will be refunded if you decide not to come. Please register by using the from on the page Registration.

"Money is the source of all evil."

"Money is the source of happiness."

Is it really, now? Or are those things we have learned to attribute to money?

And, if we do believe money is evil or the source of happiness, how can we work with it effectively?

Time perhaps for another, deeper look at something we all have to live with and use every day of our adult lives.

We need to become masters of money and stop letting money master us.

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Are you are getting the results you want in your life through the way you deal with your money and matters involving money?

If the results so far are not what you want, then we sincerely hope that this workshop about money will help you find out what obstacles still stand in the way.

This course offers the opportunity to apply some gentle introspection, through which you can learn to observe yourself, your feelings, emotions and thoughts when confronting money issues. Once you learn to observe yourself, you will begin to stop reacting impulsively, and learn to take a pause before you act. Action replaces reaction.

You start taking a more active role in your decision-making; that of itself will ensure that the results you achieve with money will gradually shift towards what you want. This process will empower you.

Guiding Principle

Money is energy. When transacting monetary affairs, an exchange of energy simultaneously takes place. This exchange is imprinted with your life energy, which reflects:

  • how you stand in life;
  • what you want out of life; and,
  • where you still find life challenging.

Because money affairs are imprinted with this life energy, it becomes an instrument to evaluate your way of living.

We use money as a vehicle for introspection to break the myth that money is not spiritual.

Once we have seen it for what it really is, and understand that money transactions reflect our life energy, money will then become as spiritual as any other aspect of our lives: marriage, work, child-rearing, etc. Because money is an important part of our daily life, a lot of our focus and energy goes into it. It follows therefore that we should put this focal point to use as the next logical step, and apply spiritual insights to it.

Dates: TBD or on request.

Time and Place: TBD. TBD. My practice is in the centre of Amsterdam. Other locations can be agreed upon.

Price: Depending on number of participants. Minimum price of Euro 90- per participant, includes VAT (BTW). Coffee, thee, water, biscuits provided.

Every participant to the workshop will be presented with a fully bound copy of the presentation.

Limited spaces available (max. 10). Your payment is your registration. Only 50% will be refunded if you decide not to come. Please register by using the from on the page Registration.

For more info, contact us at: